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The key to an effective Facebook advertising strategy is smarter targeting. In other words, if you promote your challenge course or zipline to the right people, you will get more engagement and bookings for a lower cost. Here are five ways zipline and challenge course operators can improve their Facebook Ad targeting.

Facebook Ads are a crucial part of any escape room marketing plan. Here are 3 simple but powerful Facebook advertising strategies for escape room marketers.

This is the Editor’s cut of all the best content on Xola University: the business, marketing, and technology blog for tour and activity companies. While we explored many topics in 2015, a few themes really stand out: marketing strategies, data analysis, mobile bookings, and business tools for tour and activity companies.


User generated content are photos, videos, posts, and reviews that the public publishes online. Like it or not, these types of media are changing the face of marketing. But with the right strategy, you can harness UGC to develop your brand.

Tour Operators Post on Facebook

Facebook tells you when your fans are online. Use this information to post more effectively and reach more people with each click. The best time to post is when you say it is.

4 Ways to Make Your Tours More Efficient With Social Media

Facebook can make your tour more efficient. No activity provider likes half-empty tours. When trying to fill last-minute spots, broadcast deals on social media.

Tour Operators: Post on Facebook When Your Fans are Online

Facebook is quickly becoming one of the most important social media marketing platforms for all kinds of businesses. Find out how you can make your marketing budget stretch further with Facebook’s new fan insights.

Marketing tips photo sharing for tour operators

Photos are increasingly the most powerful form of media, and tour providers have the unique opportunity of leveraging Kodak moments. 3 Tips for boosting picture sharing on social media and turning it into an effective (and practically free) marketing asset.

How Tour Operators Can Effectively Use Videos on Social Media

Video is a tour operator’s best friend, and more are turning towards it as a social media marketing tool. Check out these examples of video done right.