Online Booking Software Data Security and PCI Compliance

by Ian Maier

According to an extensive study of online checkouts, conducted by the Baymard Institute, 18% of people abandon checkout because they do not trust the site with their credit card information.

And their concern is well-founded. In the US alone, 46% of consumers have been victim to credit card fraud in the past 5 years.

Booking Payment Anxiety Statistics

Here are three ways to alleviate payment anxiety and grow your online bookings.

How to Secure Your Checkout

1. Get An SSL Certificate

Adding an SSL Certificate to your website provides secure, encrypted communication between your website and your visitor’s internet browser. The easiest way to know if a site is secure with SSL is by looking for the security indications in the browser URL field.

HTTPS SSL Certificate

SSL allows you to host your website on a secure domain (HTTPS). Visitors will see that your site’s URL begins with https://. Browsers like Google Chrome will also display a green padlock icon next to the URL. Both of these signals enhance the visitor’s sense that your website is trustworthy and secure.

2. Be PCI DSS Compliant

The Payment Card Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) provides a set of security standards required for organizations handling online credit card transactions.

Xola’s checkout adheres to the highest standards of data security and is fully PCI compliant, providing a high level of trust and security for you and your customers.

3. Show Third-Party Trust Signals

It is easy to claim that your website is secure. But visitors are unlikely to trust you unless your claims are backed by an impartial third-party.

Third Party Security Trust Signal

Third-party trust signals, like the Norton Secured logo displayed at the bottom of Xola’s checkout, reinforce trust and enhance the consumer’s sense that their sensitive information is secure.

Xola Checkout Security