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Booking checkout security

Protect your customer’s payment information by using a secure, PCI compliant online booking software like Xola. Increase online bookings with visual trust signals that alleviates anxiety and reinforces trust during the online checkout payment process.

Online security

Each time Google modifies its policy or algorithm, website owners must reevaluate their strategy for distribution and search or risk lose search ranking and organic traffic. 2017 brought a number of changes to Google’s online security policy. These website restrictions have rolled out gradually, giving website owners time to adapt to the internet giant’s overall […]


Your website is the welcome mat to your business. Sour your first impression with outdated designs and it’ll cost you customers. Get 11 secrets to success in this Q&A with a web design pro!


Sales teams can be pushy–they desperately want your business. But if you know how to manage salespeople, choosing a new booking software becomes easier and less stressful. Here are a few tips to help you take back control of the buying process.


See how Xola’s pricing stacks up against some of the competitors. We believe in honesty and transparency. If we cost more than the others, we’ll tell you 🙂


This how-to guide makes basic reporting easy for tour and activity businesses. Follow these Excel instructions and our video tutorial to uncover important information about your bookings, marketing, and operations.

This is the Editor’s cut of all the best content on Xola University: the business, marketing, and technology blog for tour and activity companies. While we explored many topics in 2015, a few themes really stand out: marketing strategies, data analysis, mobile bookings, and business tools for tour and activity companies.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world, and the social network provides a great opportunity to spread your tour’s brand. In recent weeks, Instagram has made it easier than ever to market your product on its social network. Xola University is here to help you learn how to get the most out of the photo and video sharing giant with our extensive guide.


We all know mobile design is important for tour operators, what are the differences between mobile friendly, optimized, and responsive designs? This guide will help your business learn what’s important–and what’s not–when it comes to offering the best experience on a mobile device.

Despite how central booking software is to saving time, growing your business, and delivering top-notch customer service, most tour operators tolerate bad systems. Settling for below-average software can cost your tour business dearly.