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hidden checkout fees tour operators

Tour operators need to ditch hidden fees that destroy conversion rates, surprise your customers, and hurt your bottom line. If your booking system forces you to pass these charges to your customers, you could lose 40% of your online bookings.

increase your tour's online sales

Online booking allows you to streamline your business. But to take full advantage of reservation software, it’s important to funnel as many sales as possible through your website. Boost your online sales and avoid low conversion rates with our 3 tips for tour operators.

tour operators high season

Don’t let you whole high season go by without addressing your Achilles heel. We’ve talked to tour operators from all over the country with different types of businesses to assemble the four things you need to know before the high season frenzy hits.

setting up xola

You need the best software and the best set up when everything’s on the line in high season. We’ve designed a professional and meticulous implementation process that we hope will exceed your expectations, especially in high season.

High season is almost here. Use these 3 questions to decide whether your new booking software will be ready in time for the rush. Look for companies that emphasize speed and strategy when it comes to customer success and software design.


Delivering outstanding customer service has always been at the core of Xola’s philosophy. That’s why we sent two employees down to Mount Hermon’s zip line for dedicated on-site trainings.

Have you been looking at your advertising budget the wrong way this whole time? Could deal sites be better for advertising than for making money? Zen wisdom from Xola’s tour operators.

4 Ways to Make Your Tours More Efficient With Social Media

Facebook can make your tour more efficient. No activity provider likes half-empty tours. When trying to fill last-minute spots, broadcast deals on social media.

Tips for Tour Operators Holiday Gifts

Use your payment processor or booking system to streamline gift certificate sales this year. Gifts help bring in revenue during traditionally slower months of the year, and they’re a great way to engage loyal customers as well as grow new business.

holiday gift guide for tour operators

By offering gifts, many tour operators in low-season can use the holiday season to help boost business. Keep your cash flow steady over the winter months with this guide.