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For ziplines and aerial adventure parks to succeed in an evolving and increasingly competitive industry, they need to stay ahead of the latest marketing trends. TripAdvisor and Google stats to help your business in 2016.

This is the Editor’s cut of all the best content on Xola University: the business, marketing, and technology blog for tour and activity companies. While we explored many topics in 2015, a few themes really stand out: marketing strategies, data analysis, mobile bookings, and business tools for tour and activity companies.


Videos are in vogue, and if your tour looks good on camera, that’s good news. Learn how to market your experience on camera and avoid these common video mistakes.


Join Xola and the Association for Challenge Course Technology as we host a live session for challenge course and zip line companies interested in marketing best practices. Submit your questions via the chat or jump on-camera with the hosts!


I just got back from SAM’s Summer Ops Conference and have one word to share with you: Growth. But not every part of the zip line and challenge course industry is growing at the same rate. Challenge courses and zip rides are booming, while zip line and canopy tours are increasing at a more modest rate. Read more to find out why.


On Xola University, we have published extensively about the importance of TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Google+ for your zip line business. But what do you do when it comes to Twitter? Twitter can be used as an effective tool to spread your brand’s awareness, 140 characters at a time. It turns out that there is very little reliable information regarding the zip line industry available online, so you could stand a lot to gain by helping fill this void. In this article, we will be giving you interesting facts about zip lines around the world that you can take and tailor for your specific tour.

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60% of zip lines aren’t fully leveraging their Google+ profiles. Yet, Google+ is crucial to your social media marketing strategy. Find out how to improve your profile while Google+ is still a relatively new frontier.


Delivering outstanding customer service has always been at the core of Xola’s philosophy. That’s why we sent two employees down to Mount Hermon’s zip line for dedicated on-site trainings.

Everyone knows that TripAdvisor is important, but have you tried to figure out what makes your zipline successful? Here are our 8, helpful stats for ziplines on TripAdvisor.

As zip lines grow, accidents have appeared in the news. Xola University has gathered original research to help you contextualize these accidents, and communicate your tour’s safety measures more effectively.