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escape room marketing tactics

If you want to be the smartest marketer in the room, you need a escape room marketing strategy. Discover the 3 simple steps to developing an escape room marketing strategy and to selling more escape room games.


There’s no silver bullet when it comes to marketing. What your tour business needs is a solid marketing strategy that will make your efforts more effective and make it easier to adapt to changing consumer habits. Join Xola University and TrainingAid for a Live Session on strategic marketing for tour professionals.

This is the Editor’s cut of all the best content on Xola University: the business, marketing, and technology blog for tour and activity companies. While we explored many topics in 2015, a few themes really stand out: marketing strategies, data analysis, mobile bookings, and business tools for tour and activity companies.


Videos are in vogue, and if your tour looks good on camera, that’s good news. Learn how to market your experience on camera and avoid these common video mistakes.

TripAdvisor marketing

Online reviews are the perfect way to grow your marketing presence on a budget. With an all-star tour, a little reminder, and some before-and-after measurements, you can transform reviews from an afterthought to a pillar of your marketing strategy.