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Spending money is stressful. The payment page of your online booking system has a crucial impact on your online bookings. Anxiety levels are already high, and it’s important that your checkout does not add to that stress or frustration.

Booking checkout security

Protect your customer’s payment information by using a secure, PCI compliant online booking software like Xola. Increase online bookings with visual trust signals that alleviates anxiety and reinforces trust during the online checkout payment process.

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The ease of your checkout process is one of the most significant factors that increases your website conversion rates. But it’s often the most neglected. In part, this is because booking software providers handle the design, not you. Yet few providers have taken significant steps to understand, and improve, the online checkout experience. Here are eight common checkout usability mistakes that most booking software providers make, which frustrate your site visitors and costs you lost revenue.

Planning for a group is stressful. At such an important moment in the booking process, it’s important that your online checkout process doesn’t increases that stress. Here are the 3 rules you need to know to create a stress-free checkout experience…


Abandoned bookings cause tour and activity operators to lose approximately 70% of their bookings. Here are 3 ways to recover the lost revenue…


You’re up against some stiff competition in the escape room industry. There may only be a handful of escape rooms in your city now, but it won’t be long before more imitators set up shop. Your business needs smart selling strategies that will help you rise to the top. These 39 marketing tips for escape room businesses will help you get there.

online customer personas

Despite all the customer data we can gather, there are some buyer profiles you can’t read from analytics alone. Optimize your website and your online checkout to convert your website’s visitors into paying customers.

7 Online Checkout Mistakes

Your online checkout is the last thing standing in the way of you and a potential customer. Make sure you’re not committing one of these 7 common mistakes on your web checkout.