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booking customer information

Collecting more customer information through your tour and activity online booking system can help you enhance the customer experience, improve safety, and maintain legal compliance. However, asking for too much information can increase booking abandonment…


In your fast-paced world, you hardly have enough time to eat lunch, let alone run business analytics. This post will highlight the 8 fundamental statistics that you should focus on. In turn, you’ll cut costs, boost your revenue, and overall, make your job easier.


This how-to guide makes basic reporting easy for tour and activity businesses. Follow these Excel instructions and our video tutorial to uncover important information about your bookings, marketing, and operations.

Want the biggest bang for your marketing buck? Take a hard look at your website. It’s the single-biggest influencer and revenue-generator out of all of your marketing efforts. Give potential customers the best first impression by following these website tips.

hidden checkout fees tour operators

Tour operators need to ditch hidden fees that destroy conversion rates, surprise your customers, and hurt your bottom line. If your booking system forces you to pass these charges to your customers, you could lose 40% of your online bookings.

7 Online Checkout Mistakes

Your online checkout is the last thing standing in the way of you and a potential customer. Make sure you’re not committing one of these 7 common mistakes on your web checkout.

top 3 web tools for tours and activities

Check out the three, best web tools that will quickly and easily boost your tour or activity business. This is our last article in the three-part series.