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Every successful challenge course or zipline marketing plan covers three phases of marketing: attract, convert, and delight. Each phase requires a different set of skills and marketing tools that help turn strangers into visitors, visitors into customers, and customers into loyal promoters.

Clear business goals create a target for you to aim at. Well constructed goals are observable and measurable, making it easy to understand if your challenge course or zipline marketing is working or not. Setting clear goals will also help define how you market your zipline or challenge course…

Revenue Driven Growth for Tour and Activity Operators

Metrics that aren’t revenue-driven pull focus from the things that really grow your business. Here are 8 of our favorite revenue-driven Google Analytics metrics for tour & activity companies.

Abandoned cart recovery emails have been the secret weapon of successful ecommerce companies for years. Everyone from Amazon to small-time entrepreneurs have found success with abandonment emails. Recently, a number of clever marketers in the tour and activity industry have begun to adopt the practice too. An abandoned booking email (also called an “abandoned cart email”) is […]


Abandoned bookings cause tour and activity operators to lose approximately 70% of their bookings. Here are 3 ways to recover the lost revenue…

escape room marketing tactics

If you want to be the smartest marketer in the room, you need a escape room marketing strategy. Discover the 3 simple steps to developing an escape room marketing strategy and to selling more escape room games.

Stack of Letters

Building an email list of people who have never purchased is hard. Luckily, email marketing professionals have been doing it for ages. Here’s how…