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Revenue Driven Growth for Tour and Activity Operators

Metrics that aren’t revenue-driven pull focus from the things that really grow your business. Here are 8 of our favorite revenue-driven Google Analytics metrics for tour & activity companies.

With more data than ever before it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or base decisions on the wrong piece of data. At best, the tendency to track everything can cause “analysis paralysis”. At worse, paying attention to the wrong metrics can cost you money and convince you to do things that may be bad for business. Here’s how to avoid analysis paralysis and grow your bookings with Google Analytics.


There’s no silver bullet when it comes to marketing. What your tour business needs is a solid marketing strategy that will make your efforts more effective and make it easier to adapt to changing consumer habits. Join Xola University and TrainingAid for a Live Session on strategic marketing for tour professionals.

Want the biggest bang for your marketing buck? Take a hard look at your website. It’s the single-biggest influencer and revenue-generator out of all of your marketing efforts. Give potential customers the best first impression by following these website tips.

Google Analytics for Tour Operators

Learn how to segment your data in Google Analytics to help isolate the factors you care about, while also adding nuance and depth to the tool’s existing reports.

Google Analytics for Tour Operators

Every business needs Google Analytics in its tool belt, but this powerful software is not always the easiest to learn. This guide will get you up and running with Google Analytics.

Web tools to grow your business

Use these web tools to gather data analytics, improve your email marketing, and drive growth in the off-season. This is the second post in a three-part series.