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Your website is the welcome mat to your business. Sour your first impression with outdated designs and it’ll cost you customers. Get 11 secrets to success in this Q&A with a web design pro!

Want the biggest bang for your marketing buck? Take a hard look at your website. It’s the single-biggest influencer and revenue-generator out of all of your marketing efforts. Give potential customers the best first impression by following these website tips.


We all know mobile design is important for tour operators, what are the differences between mobile friendly, optimized, and responsive designs? This guide will help your business learn what’s important–and what’s not–when it comes to offering the best experience on a mobile device.

mobile for tour operators video

In less than 3 minutes, get up-to-date with the state of mobile bookings and design in the world of tours and activities. Grow your business by investing in a better mobile experience.

is your mobile site sabotaging your sales

A better mobile site is the next step to enhancing your tour or activity. Our top 3 tips for improving your mobile website will help you put smiles on your customers faces.

Tour Providers Design the best CTA

What’s the one thing that stands between you and online customers? Your call-to-action, or CTA. If you want to grow your online business, start by putting your calls-to-action to the Xola test.

Public WiFi: What this means for mobile bookings

Cities are expanding their public Wi-Fi networks, allowing more people to easily get online. Are you ready to engage customers on their mobile devices?

7 Online Checkout Mistakes

Your online checkout is the last thing standing in the way of you and a potential customer. Make sure you’re not committing one of these 7 common mistakes on your web checkout.

How tour operators can easily harness the power of video

Easily convey your activity’s value through video. Engage your customers and increase sales with this eye-catching medium for your dynamic business