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With more data than ever before it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or base decisions on the wrong piece of data. At best, the tendency to track everything can cause “analysis paralysis”. At worse, paying attention to the wrong metrics can cost you money and convince you to do things that may be bad for business. Here’s how to avoid analysis paralysis and grow your bookings with Google Analytics.

This is the Editor’s cut of all the best content on Xola University: the business, marketing, and technology blog for tour and activity companies. While we explored many topics in 2015, a few themes really stand out: marketing strategies, data analysis, mobile bookings, and business tools for tour and activity companies.

Tour Operators Post on Facebook

Facebook tells you when your fans are online. Use this information to post more effectively and reach more people with each click. The best time to post is when you say it is.

Everyone knows that TripAdvisor is important, but have you tried to figure out what makes your zipline successful? Here are our 8, helpful stats for ziplines on TripAdvisor.

As zip lines grow, accidents have appeared in the news. Xola University has gathered original research to help you contextualize these accidents, and communicate your tour’s safety measures more effectively.