Meet the Authors

So you want to meet the minds behind Xola University, eh?

Then without further ado…

julia-barrero-authorJulia Barrero – Marketing

Seen: Canoeing around Bass Lake near Yosemite National Park

Coolest trip she’s done: Two weeks rafting in the Grand Canyon

Favorite part about Xola University: Teaching tour operators to craft their own marketing strategies and empowering them with tools and best practices from around the industry

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Matthew Lebovitz – Marketing

Seen: Skiiing in Snowmass Village, Colorado

Coolest trip he’s done: Spending a week backpacking to several mountain lakes in Ansel Adams Wilderness

Favorite part about Xola University: Writing social media marketing tips and documenting success stories from the Xola community

Editor’s Picks: “14 Tweetable Facts About the Zip Line Industry” and “Everything Tour Operators Should Know About Instagram


luke-brennan-authorLuke Brennan – Sales

Seen: Backpacking through Emigrant Wilderness in Califorina’s Sierra Nevadas

Coolest trip he’s done: Also Emigrant Wilderness

Favorite part about Xola University: Showcasing the stories of diverse tour and activity companies that have found solutions to their business problems with Xola’s software

Editor’s Picks: “Are You Making These 7 Checkout Mistakes?


Delamon Rego – Sales

Seen: Scuba diving in Dahab, Egypt

Coolest trip he’s done: His next trip (whatever that may be)

Favorite part about Xola University: Advising a largely underserved industry that needs relevant marketing and business insights


Editor’s Picks: “How to Increase Your Tour’s Ranking on TripAdvisor